Hearing & Audiology Services

We offer comprehensive hearing and audiology services to patients of all ages. Our audiologists, who all have doctorate or master’s-level training, are experts at diagnosing hearing loss and finding the most effective hearing solution.

Audiology Services

Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Fitting, Programming and Repair
Hearing-Assisted Devices
Testing Of Inner Ear For Balance Disorders
Cochlear Implants
Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Some digital hearing aids are smaller than a quarter.

Watch this video of our Director of Audiology, Joan Hazlett, MA, CCC-A, describing the hearing and audiology services we offer at Asheville Ear, Nose & Throat.

Our Audiology Team

Meghann Davies,
Joan Hazlett,
Jeanie Paschall,
Sara Schaetzka,
Carlie Runge,
Carolyn “Carrie” Wentz,
Olivia Chuzie,

Signs Of Hearing Loss

  • Hearing conversation but not understanding it
  • Ringing or roaring in the ears
  • Increasing the volume of the radio or TV to the point that others complain
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in the presence of background noise
  • The need to frequently ask others to repeat themselves
  • Feeling that people are mumbling when they are talking
  • Avoiding social settings and withdrawing from conversations
  • Delayed speech development or poor articulation in children