Cochlear Implants

We are the only practice in Western North Carolina with the expertise to perform cochlear implant surgery. For patients who are appropriate candidates, this incredible technology can restore hearing to normal levels. A cochlear implant bypasses the external ear and connects directly to the cochlear nerve. The process involves outpatient surgery to place the implant. The most important step is the rehabilitation after surgery. Once the device is activated, our audiologists work with patients to help them through the adjustment period. We have had great success, and patients who have not heard in years have had their hearing restored.

“It was amazing to see the transformation of where I was to where I am now.”

“The cochlear implant was a godsend.”

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Cochlear implant surgeon, Jason Roberts, MD, explains the process involved in undergoing this procedure. Patients who have received a cochlear implant describe how it has changed their lives.

The external transmitter, magnet and microphone

The external components in place on the ear.